Tuesday, October 19, 2010

April 30, 2010

Fri 30 Apr 2010

I've been working hard trying to get both the garden and the house ready to go on a weeks vacation starting this Sunday: more on that in a bit.

Thing with plans is once you think you've got them all set up the Universe likes to throw things in your way... Keeps one humble I guess.

First thing was the bear has been back: twice. I watched him this time; first time he walked around eating dandelion greens in the lawn which is fine with me. Then he started to lean his paws on the greenhouse again so I tapped the window at him. You can imagine how impressed he was with that... but he did move away and continue his quest for greens. He ignored the greens in the greenhouse though fortunately.  Next visit was a repeat. I'm getting concerned as he's a young one: I'm assuming his first year away from Mom as she convinced him to move out and make room for this years batch of cubs; as is the norm.

I feel sorry for him but one doesn't want them to get used to living around humans too much because if they start causing too much trouble people complain and next thing you know you have officers tracking them down to relocate them.

One other thing that happened is this past Wednesday we had a snow storm. Day after I set out some lettuce, broccoli and endive plants. Fortunately they survived fine but I was a bit worried.  Not surprised though as we've had 5 feet this time of year so I think we were lucky. Next day it was sunny and 60+ out.

Also... I've not seen the bear since the cold snap so I'm hoping he's moved back up into the mountain behind me where he should be.

And here I thought this blog would be totally dedicated to just planting in the garden.

One other thing to report and warn anyone else having a warm Spring like mine is I've not seen so many Deer Ticks in this region. Down south further in Connecticut yes; but not in these mountains.  So make sure you take precautions more then usual: I'm thinking this is going to be a very bad year with them. I know people with Lyme Disease and it's not anything to take lightly.

So.... despite the cold snap and snow things are going well in the kitchen garden. I ate what is probably the last of the spinach in the greenhouse as it's showing signs of bolting: it's getting very warm in there. I just cooked it lightly in just the water clinging to the leaves from washing until it was still crispy; just a minute or so with a little butter. Last cutting I made a quiche (my “secret” ingredient in quiche is to add a little Dijon Mustard in the egg mixture) as well as lots fresh in the salads.

I have baby spinach starting to sprout in the garden too so hopefully this won't be the last this season; I'll start more late Summer/ early Autumn for Autumn/ early Winter as well as early Winter for Winter harvest in the greenhouse. ….I love fresh spinach 

Still more lettuce and greens then I can keep up with. As I said above I transplanted a lot into the garden and still have more to do.

As I said above: I'm going on vacation for a week this Sunday. I have the cats, Cockatiel, houseplants and Greenhouse sitter lined up.

I'm going to Virginia to visit the gardens of Colonial Williamsburg and Jefferson's Monticello.
I'm particularly excited about the latter. Might stop by Longwood in Pennsylvania too on the way down or back depending.

Yes.... I plan my vacations around the gardens in the area. 

So... I'll see you when I get back. Happy Gardening and watch out for bears and ticks.

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