Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1, 2010

Well... more then a week later again. This time I came down with The Head Cold From Hell (aka: HCFH) . I blame taking anti-biotics for the first time in 20 years blowing out my immune system. But who knows.

~ Karen linked Laughter is Medicine on her Alternative Nature site's Facebook page and I have to say that one of the things that's gotten me, not only through the recent Lyme Disease Fiasco and The HCFH, but also through  the last 9 years is I don't take myself seriously. I can't imagine getting through even a simple life without laughing; particularly at one's self. Especially one's self.

And paradoxically; I am serious about this. You have to laugh. If at nothing else yourself and whatever is going on at the moment. If we take ourselves and what we perceive as our “dignity” too seriously then we are in for a lot of unnecessary self induced grief.

~ I had dinner at Brix tonight. I wasn't sure if I was up for it but I persevered (I'm so brave :) ) and ordered a simple Onion Soup, the Pate plate and a chardonnay, whose name I forgot to write down but came from Oregon. (I blame The HCFH. I'll make a note next time I go).

I wasn't half way through the soup when I felt 100% better then I had for a week. By the time I was done I actually felt human again. Assuming that's a good thing. :)

Bringing home that old idea that food really truly is medicine. That our healing really does come from what and how we eat. It really is the first step we all need to take.

Mind you; those that don't eat meat might think pate isn't good for you and I'm not going to argue that here or anywhere. I was raised by Vegetarians and I will say the same thing I say about Religion: Each persons Path leads to The Truth. The Truth here is, of course, Health.

People thrive on all sorts of diets. It's all individual. And everything in Moderation. Everything. (I knew someone in college that got sick because all she ate for 6 months were carrots. And yes: if all you ate was pate you'd get sick too... and yes... probably sooner. Moderation is ....Moderate).

But food made on the premises from as close to local ingredients as possible, served by people that know you and are happy to see you (even if your nose is still red and you look like something the cat dropped at the door) is good for you and Healing.

Another reason to patronize your locally owned restaurants that support local farms rather then chains where who knows where it comes from.

~ Anyway.... that's from under the Random Thought heading.

As you can tell not much is going on in The Garden... mostly because I've been horizontal hugging Puff's Plus. But... the Greenhouse is moving along well and as planned though. Another couple weeks at the most and there will be salad. I truly can't wait. I used the above picture to tantalize myself as to what should be growing out there so very soon.(that picture, btw, is from last Winter)

At this point there isn't much to do out there but check it every few days and water if necessary. The "volunteers" who have gone out for me this week say everything is still damp.

Like wise, not much is going on in the kitchen aside from opening cans of (organic) canned chicken soup.
And making lots and lots of ginger and lemon tea.

Hopefully, this week I can stay vertical long enough to get some work done as well as some cooking to tell you all about. 

Not to mention it's actually December and it's now time to get things ready for Yuletide. When did that happen?

In the meantime: Stay healthy!


  1. Who is ever ready for December.. we need our immune booster herbs and yes, a little Chardonnay for sure. Hope to see more greenhouse pictures soon!

  2. I intend on taking some this weekend. I'll try to show more of the construction for the engineer :)