Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Maitake Mushroom Kit came!

I bought my Maitake  mushroom kit from Fungi Perfecti  one of the best producers and suppliers of mushroom growing supplies, kits and extracts. Paul Staments is, in my opinion, one of the premier experts on anything Fungi related.

And it's here!

I'm very excited. I've wanted to grow my own mushrooms for years. I was never much of a fan for eating them to be honest. I was used to the usual canned mushrooms you find hiding in your food with the consistency of slime and a taste worse then dirt.

When I was first diagnosed with (non Uterine)  Leiomyosarcoma (LMS) 9 years ago, I knew one of the first things for my treatment was Medicinal Mushrooms. Some research turned up that Maitake was one of the most important for sarcoma with claims that studies have shown it actually shrinks tumors. So I made sure the formula I took had Maitake in them.

Friends of mine up in Vermont are Mushroom Hunters and when they heard of my issues they began to send me wild mushrooms they found for me to incorporate into my diet, along with the extract I was taking daily. I was a little unsure, due to my above mentioned culinary experiences with mushrooms, but I was willing to give it a try.

This fits in well with my belief that, while herbal and dietary supplements are an important part of our health care plans; but what we eat on a daily basis is the first step to optimal health.

One of the first mushrooms they sent me was Maitake. I was shocked how good it tasted and have been eating them whenever they can send me or, on very very rare occasions, the coop here has them fresh. And on occasion have bought them dried. I've since tried and now enjoy the more common and familiar Shiitake and Chanterelles.

Maitake is the Japanese name for this mushroom. Which means Jumping for Joy or similar in Japanese I'm told. Some say you jump for joy when you find them in the woods because you are so happy to find them; others say it's after you eat them that you do the jumping. Either way one is very happy one gets to have them.

It's Latin name is Grifola frondosa in the West it's common name is  Hen of the Woods.

Maitake, besides properties purported for cancer treatment are also purported to be anti-bacterial (I used this in my treatment for Lyme Disease), anti-candida,  anti-tumor, anti-viral... the list goes on and I'd suggest you go to Fungi Perfecti's chart to see the rest as well as many many other mushroom species properties listed.

Usually when the term "Magical Mushroom" is used it's referring to psychotropic mushrooms like Psilocybin; a subject I will not get into but in my opinion, all mushrooms are magical; They are one of our very most important natural allies in our quests for healthcare. And one of the most ignored in the United States.

I feel everyone should, at least, incorporate them into one's diet but if one can't they should be taken as extract or capsules. But I feel if I can learn to not just like them but love them; anyone can.

Above is a picture of the kit. It's not much to look at and not pretty, I'll admit. :)

 One simply takes it out of the box, puts it on a plate or pie pan in indirect light and wait three weeks. At that time you cut away the plastic around the top of growing material and mist it up to three times a day. I've put mine near my kitchen sink so I won't forget about it as easily.

After about three weeks you can start to see gray fungi forming.  I'll post pictures and updates as it grows; and once I get some mushrooms big enough to eat I'll post my experiences cooking and recipes.

I'm hoping that I'll have enough to dry them for future use and I'll report back on that too.

Did I say I'm excited? :)

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