Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Musings on being Productive, Holidays and Life :)

I've been totally blank on creativity lately. I fought it for awhile and then decided to let it flow. That maybe that's where I'm supposed to be at this time.

I'm all for working on getting “unblocked” and tapping into one's creativity and getting one's productivity going.... but it occurs to me that sometimes that fighting the need to Simply Be is counter-productive. Sometimes you just aren't supposed to be able to be productive. Or one is supposed to focus it elsewhere.

We don't always have that luxury of course. Many of us have pay checks that rely on being productive. But perhaps it would be more advantageous to step away from the “trying” and let something else get your focus; even for 5 minutes.

For me, however, it's been a month and a half. I totally stepped back from fighting my block after about three weeks of fighting it. I realized that I needed to step back from everything except the basics. The basics being making sure I'm up, dressed, fed, and in good spirits.

I've had three surgeries for the LMS so far this year. I'm actually doing great considering but this next one on 1/9 is going to be a bit more complicated. I realized I had to go Zen. :) Meaning I had to just Be and not push myself.

To make things even more interesting: I had a sneezing fit a few days before Christmas and cracked the rib connected to the vertebrae they are operating on. I wound up literally laying on my back in bed for about 72 hours. It's healing very well and I'm up and about again: gently. It would seem I was supposed to step back and relax even more :)

The Holidays added another layer of their own complications and another need to Simplify.
Which worked great: I had a wonderful Yule this year. Very relaxed, very simple.

So... here I am today. Updating my blog for the first time in over a month and awaiting New Years and the surgery on the 9th.

While I'll spend New Years Eve with family I'm going to focus on Imbolc (Candlemas and/or Ground Hogs Day) as my personal “New Year”. That's February 2nd. I should be up and about again and able to get involved in the Studio again by then.

I don't make Resolutions. At least not specific to New Years. I make my Resolutions as I need them through out the year. Pretty much they are always the same, or variations of the same, anyway: Live Healthily, Get Organized and Work/Play in the Studio and Garden.

So... I'll report back once I'm up and about again. ...Unless I come up with something to pass on in the mean time. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Solstice, however you personally celebrate it. And I wish you all a wonderful New Years and joy in all that enfolds for you in 2012.

I leave you with the above picture of my crazy cats, mostly as I don't have anything else to share at the moment as well as they are very cute. :)

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