Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 5! Last Canvas for this Challenge

Day Five and Canvas 5! Last day of my first self challenge.

And I think it's my favorite. I knew right from the start the direction I wanted to take and that I wanted to experiment with molding paste. I also wanted to do something dark so starting with dragging Titan Buff and Black horizontally. Adding the same type of collage papers I used in the others. I drew a picture of a Raven (from staring at photos online of them: no Ravens in my hollow that I know of). Then I cut out a stencil of the drawing on an old manila folder and used that as a mold for the molding paste.

Painted the Raven black, used some alcohol inks and highlighting areas with acrylic paint and water color crayons and then made a glaze from Interference Blue (Fine) over the whole thing. The image is a bit more white then it actually is.

I actually named this one: “Raven's Treasure”. The collage paper had some old bits of acrylic paint for texture that I think looks like stuff Raven might keep in it's nest. I like how the spiral left over from the collage paper from another project looks like a moon.

Next week the challenge is going to be projects with Block Printing. Carving, printing or other projects that involve the blocks I've made in the past or new ones in the coming week.

I'm also going to change the format a bit and only post the art work twice a week: that way I have room for reporting back on The Garden and the kitchen and the infamous Random Thoughts.

And, please, let me know what you think of them all as well if you have favorites.

So... here is the final canvas this week:

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