Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Four!

Day 4!

It's going by fast; one more after this! This one I'm not totally satisfied with. It looks more like a back ground still but I'm not sure what to do next. Similar issue to yesterday but feels even more so.

Again, yellows and greens in the first layers. I dripped alcohol ink down the sides and let it drip in the different directions, built up the layers with acrylics and water color crayons, more ink sprayed over a plastic doily I got at a garage sale, I use as a stencil and stamping. Feels very Art Journal over canvas work but hopefully I'll get an inspiration for another stage. I'll leave it in the studio to keep an eye on.

I do a fair amount of Art Journaling.. not every day but I've felt a lot of my ideas should be brought out into canvas. Many of the inspirations and techniques I learn and discover in journaling have helped me with my canvas work but I don't want it too look too typical Art Journal either. Actually I don't like my Art Journals to look too typical either :) I think it might be the doily that makes it look “Art Journaly”.

One of my future challenges is probably going to be a 5 day week of an Art Journal but I also have some other ideas bouncing around first.

So Canvas 4 was fun but not totally satisfied for the moment:

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