Saturday, September 10, 2011

Block Prints: Days Three, Four and Five (a day late :) )

I'm a day late posting these.

This is Three, Four and Five of my block print challenge.

Day Three:

I carved a Raven; though I think it looks more like a Crow so that's what I'm naming it. :)

Above is the block and below a print. I printed 8 of them in this first series with it.

Simple. But I'll think of ways to embellish it perhaps or use it in other work. Though sometimes simple is a good. :)


I finished a small lunar moth block I'd started awhile back and made the paper mache prints (scroll to the post below for more information) with it and the beetle block as well as the above Crow.

I really like these and next week I'm going to embellish at least one a day for the next challenge.


I really liked this block. I tried a Raven again. This time I looked at the photos I took when I was at the Tower of London a few years back and drew from those. I really like this one. I haven't printed it yet but I did do the paper mache.

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