Sunday, September 11, 2011

Garden Update

Kind of amusing that the first time I write about The Garden since February I can smell Autumn in the air and the air is cool. Those that have been reading this know about my crazy Summer so I won't repeat all that again.

Despite it the garden has done well. The photo above, from an earlier harvest, is a small example of what's come out so far. Those watermelons were fantastic!

Today I harvested a huge colander of beans, two dozen tomatoes and several pounds of carrots.

So far the only bad news is I have some kind of little fly in the green house eating the tomatoes so I'm going to harvest them green and pull the plants up. It's time to start the late Autumn and Winter planting in there anyway.

The garden has lots of weeds. I just don't have the energy to deal with it and the path project is going very slowly but it's going. Won't be finished this year but that's ok.

Those of you on Facebook know my clivia bloomed earlier this year (note my FB profile picture on the right hand side): and then two more times through out the summer! The yellow one is on it's second bloom and my Night Blooming Cereus had over 15 blooms in the course of a few weeks and has one more to bloom... tonight or tomorrow. If you've never experienced a Cereus blooming, they are not only amazing to look at but the scent through out your house is exceptional. A sweet, honey, jasmine scent that is just shy of being too cloying. So perfect. :) Here are a couple pictures;

Tomorrow I'll be back to my Art Challenge. My third! Stay tuned :)

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